Your food does not have to look like it was photographed in a "hospital"...or what we call "sterile/white".

My style of food photography is one of a more natural look. I like to create "environments" for my food. I create "compositions". I build my "set" by using all of your different dishes. The images you see on my website were taken in local restaurants just like yours!

We may start with an appetizer or two, add a main dish, bring another app, and more entrees. A little wine, or beer, even a "Coke", and we have a beautiful image that will make the viewer hungry!

I can come to your restaurant, photograph 15-20 menu items in about 2 hours. I work very quickly, and I don't need a stylist.

All of the images you see on my websites were placed on the table and "shot". Some of these images were taken immediately after being prepared for customers, photographed in 60 seconds and delivered to customers, HOT!

My prices are affordable. I have never been a believer of  "charging a lot so people will think it is better".

I have never understood why photographers should charge you more than your CPA!

A typical restaurant session, which includes optimized High resolution Images and full printing rights, is usually $350-$500.

If you have me create your website, or your Online food Ordering System, we can "barter" for the images. I have been known to trade for food!