Most people hate having their pictures taken

That is because, there are not very many photographers around anymore who know how to create a "Good Portrait" of a person.

The "new generation" photographers call themselves "photojournalists". That really means, they take hundreds of images of their subjects, with no formal structure, and hope, they will produce something usable.

This is where my "age" and experience comes in. I am not a "youngster". I am a trained portraitist. I know how to position and light you so you will have images that are "flattering", tasteful and professional looking.

Actually I sell Instructional Videos (DVD's) to other professional photographers that teach them how to create good portraits for their clients.

An unskilled Portrait Photographer will tell you what sounds good, but is not exactly correct.

You will hear:

  • You have to "feel" comfortable.
  • I will take "natural looking pictures of you".
  • If you feel good you will look great.
  • I don't "pose you".
  • It is all in the lighting.

If those ideas were correct, everyone would love their pictures, right?

Well, it is all wrong....

  • To look "Natural and relaxed" in your photographs, you must be "Posed", and you must be posed correctly. Portrait "Poses" are much like Yoga Poses. They may look different, but the concept is the same. There is a "correct" position you must attain to for the "pose" to be correct, and in our case, "have you look your best".

  • Good "posture" and correct positioning makes you "look" natural. Bad posture and positioning makes you look stiff and "awkward".

  • Lighting: If the photographer does not know how to pose you correctly, you cannot be lighted correctly. 90% of all portraits have the light placed in the wrong position, which makes people look "heavy".

  • If you look at your portrait, and you are not really happy with it, and accept "that must be me", you probably have not been photographed by a trained portrait photographer.

  • A session with an experienced portrait photographer should take about 30 minutes for a PR/Head Shot. Any longer, and you are working with someone not adequately trained as a portrait photographer.

 The camera does not add "20 pounds"....incorrect posing and lighting does.

When I take your picture, you will be able to see the results in my camera immediately. If you are not satisfied, there is no charge.

A can create a professional looking PR/Executive Portrait in your office for

You receive a High Resolution Digital Image, and all printing rights. Includes retouching. We can also include a smaller images for your website, Facebook, Online Dating sites, at no additional cost.